Buying a house on the Athens riviera,Greece.

Buying a real estate on the Athens riviera

Your guide when you start thinking about buying your dream home in Greece

All over the world Greece is known of crystal clear seas, idyllic beaches, yachting and exploring the islands with traditional white homes, enchanted little villages and oh yes, the Mediterranean food…

Why to buy a house or apartment in Greece?

One easy reason is, because Greece is gifted with some of the most beautiful landscapes, the country is safe, and people are welcoming.

On the most objective side,  one who wishes to purchase a  property will enjoy some benefits. Recently to revive the housing market, the Greek government has offered residence to non-EU investors purchasing or renting property worth over €250,000 (Golden Visa program).

Other measures introduced by newly elected government also offer great value to potential buyers and investors on the Greek real estate market. Among those a very favorable is the suspension of VAT payments on new building permits: announced by the newly elected Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in October 2019. Based on this decision, there is a three-year suspension of VAT payments on any new building permits and on any unsold properties built after January 1, 2006.

The real estate prices in Greece are still attractive compared to some of the hot destinations.

The country has a vast number of exceptional houses and apartments for sale, so what holds you back?

Here are few hints what to need to consider, when you follow your dreams to find a nice home by the beach on the riviera of Athens.

Always consult a Greek property professional. They will know what to look after to make sure you buy compliant to legal regulations.

Make sure that the legal representative of the real estate agency (or an independent one) conducts a title search. This will ensure that the seller has clear title of ownership the property you wish to buy, thus secures your legally clear property ownership after your purchase.

Where to start searching for your new home on the Athens coast?

Chartoulari Athens Riviera Real Estate’s main domain is properties on the Athenian riviera.  The real-estate agency offers high quality services and turn- key solutions for property purchase since 2008.  The Glyfada based realtor has a wide portfolio of homes and also a selection of properties for business use.

Good luck to your new home!



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