Best vegan places on the Athenian Riviera

Best vegan places on the Athenian riviera

Don’t worry at all when you come to Athens and you prefer a vegan diet.

There are many places on the Athens riviera offer excellent vegan food and recently may opened with only vegan menu (or even raw vegan). We got you covered – just read below:

Yi Glyfada

The name already brings the vegan hearts close to this place: Yi (pronounced as yi) means Earth in Greek. A hip raw vegan place, with carefully selected ingredients and signature dishes. The place offers indoor and outdoor sitting.

Good WiFi connection makes it great to catch up with some work or Skype calls.

Editors choice: try the raw tortilla, made of different vegetables and fruits, filled with avocado, vegan cheese and different vegetables.  Exotic taste you will never forget.


An inexpensive place to eat int he center of Glyfada. Chose from a large variety of healthy salads or make your own. Heaven!

Editors tip: order online, if you want to enjoy their salads at your place.

Avit coffee Glyfada

Best vegan burger on the Athenian riviera, with home made burger buns (sweet potato bun- heavenly).  Cozy place, friendly service and friendly prices.

Helpful hints from the writers:

Originally the Greek diet was mostly vegan/vegetarian and luckily many signature Greek dishes are vegan or vegetarian. If you are vegan, or vegetarian you will be glad to hear that Greeks have the highest intake of vegetables (per person) in the world. The Mediterranean diet uses variety of legumes. So even in traditional tavernas one with vegan/vegetarian preference can find some nice food from the menu to try.

Mediterranean diet is full of salads, and chances are that you will opt for a salad anyways in the hot Athenian summer.

Try the salads from the chef of Blends, right in the heart of Glyfada. A cozy atmosphere, superb service and nice smoothies and juices. Try their quinoa salad with different veggies and chose a nice hearty smoothie to accompany.

Want a perfect sea view with your vegetarian salad? Ark is located right on the beach of Glyfada, with spectacular sea view and tasty Greek cuisine inspired vegan/vegetarian choices from the chef.

Strict vegans should know that traditional places will use the same surface for food preparation for vegetables and for meat: e.g.: will make the vegetables and the meat on the same grill.

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